1. Deferred Interest - Pay NO interest on your purchase for 6 to 12 months

2. Fixed Payments - Make fixed monthly payments for 36 or 48 months at an interest rate much lower than traditional credit cards!


Independent Artists - Use their PWR card to pay for recording, mixing, mastering & CD duplications, freeing up other monies for marketing & promoting.


Managers - Use their PWR Card to buy regular blocks of studio time for their groups or people they believe in - with the 6 or 12 months "Deferred Interest" option - giving them time to shop & secure a deal for their client.


Signed Artists - use their PWR Card to record, mix, master and press up CDs or mixtapes to flood the streets, get hot, and encourage the label to open up their budget. 


DJs - use their PWR Card to finance their mixtapes and take advantage of the low monthly payments.