Patchwerk Focus Group sessions are for clients who want feedback from the public on projects they are considering releasing but before making any costly investments. During a focus group, a group of participants are asked about their opinions on a client’s music project before it is released to the public. Questions are asked in an interactive group setting where participants are encouraged to talk openly with other group members, while the client listens in a separate room. Focus Groups provide great qualitative research for strategic moves.



Ÿ Help clients choose the single from a catalog of songs

Ÿ Give clients in-depth dissection of the elements of their song

Ÿ Determine if a song is recorded, mixed, or mastered well

Ÿ Determine what factors consumers consider when supporting an artist / music

Ÿ Determine what factors experts consider when supporting an artist / music

Ÿ Help guide clients with the direction to take their music

Ÿ Help clients Gain opinions, belief, and attitudes about issues of interest to their organization


Basic Focus Group

Ÿ 30-minute consultation

Ÿ 90-minute Song Critiquing / Selection for Single, EP, or Album in Studio 995 or 9000

Ÿ 8 Randomly Selected Participants

Ÿ Audio Recording of Session

Ÿ Raw Data Report


Customized Focus Groups are available

Video - Formal Data Report - Longer or shorter sessions - More or less participants