Patchwerk’s Vocal Tuning and Editing package was designed to blend and create a final vocal product ready to mix.  Many people waste valuable studio time trying to correct improper vocals during recording and mix sessions.  Patchwerk Vocal Tuning is a discounted way to get your vocals release ready.  Most all vocals released today have had tuning work completed prior to the track being mixed. Even if pitch is not a problem, basic vocal tweaking will tighten and fatten vocals to get the sound you need to make your song stand out.  Make sure your vocals are industry ready!



★ Have your vocals pitch aligned to the key of the song

★ Align the timing of notes to sit better in the pocket

★ Adjust amplitude to tame or accentuate certain pitches inside vocals

★ Align background vocals pitch and timing for a tighter sound

★ Reduce or emphasize vibrato

★ Reduce or emphasize pitch drift

★ Tuning and editing is done with a combination of Melodyne, Autotune, Vocalign, and more