Presented by the legendary Patchwerk Recording Studios, IdOMUSIC is a Social Networking Conference that bridges the gap between our online and “real life” networking platforms.

The idea is that the Independent music industry professionals will initiate their relationships with each other on our IdOMUSIConline website and subsequently go on to experiencing the website live at our IdOMUSIC Social Networking Events!

Our plan is to introduce IdOMUSIC, first, to the major music markets in an effort to solidify the brand’s recognition and loyalty in those markets. We anticipate that the smaller markets will follow suit.

 Incentives for attending IdOMusic events include: 

  • Live performances by aspiring artists.
  • Tight 32 Emcee and Producers will be afforded the opportunity to be interviewed live and have their music played during the event to solicit interest in their services.
  • Tailored opportunities to build relationships with individuals that you may need to fill a void in your business strategy or those that are genuinely in need of your music services.
  • Allows individuals who provide marketing, promotions, or distribution a chance to meet the potential players.

IdOMUSIC!...Empowering Musicians Worldwide.

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