Simone Kilgore
  • Client List
66 Raw Erika Bryant (D.A.P. Client) Alisha “M’Jestie” Brooks (D.A.P. Client) Zach Symes
Alliance Law Firm Yudes (D.A.P. Client) Ba$o (D.A.P. Client) Ya’ll Kno Music Group
BabyGrande Records Vance Enterprise (D.A.P. Client) Babyboi Zi UnaVerSoul
Bee Spitz (D.A.P. Client) Tony Antonio (D.A.P. Client) Big Strip (D.A.P. Client) The Parkman Brothers (D.A.P. Client)
Block ENT Tamiko Hope Boo Sconey (D.A.P. Client) Takeo Spikes and Tutan Reyes (The Behind The Mask Podcast)
Braun Steven Charles (D.A.P. Client) Buddie Roe (D.A.P. Client) Slawda
Caleb Shumake (D.A.P. Client) Russ Tenn Cashiz (D.A.P. Client) Richy Coinz (D.A.P. Client)
Chipz Vuitton (D.A.P. Client) Richie Musa (D.A.P. Client) Classic Marq B (D.A.P. Client) Pound 4 Pound Records (D.A.P. Client)
Coach Chuck Smith Porsche Nine (D.A.P. Client) Courtney Rhodes (D.A.P. Client) Omerta Inc (D.A.P. Client)
Darshell Omega Grey (D.A.P. Client) Desimo The Dogg (D.A.P. Client) Nix
Dr. Beverly Wright (TAG Data Talk Podcast) Nico with PaperTrail Erin Norwood (H2O Podcast) Nico Ward (D.A.P. Client
Fam Bizz (D.A.P. Client) New Era Live Long (NELL) (D.A.P. Client) Gassodafree (D.A.P. Client) Nani Goins (D.A.P. Client)
Gibson Moe Money (D.A.P. Client) Grandpa The Gambler (D.A.P. Client) Michael (Exclusive) Boyington (D.A.P. Client)
Gudda Man (D.A.P. Client) Lumpsum (D.A.P. Client) Illa Noise (D.A.P. Client) Lui V (D.A.P. Client)
J Money Luc Coso (D.A.P. Client) Jay Starr (D.A.P. Client) Lo Bandoe (D.A.P. Client)
Jr. Mack (D.A.P. Client) Lift Music Group (D.A.P. Client) K Wise (D.A.P. Client) Keshia Johnson and Brandi Hunter Lewis (Mama’s On The Move Podcast)

Simone Kilgore

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