Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is Mastering important?

Does Patchwerk offer Consultations?

What File Format is needed for Mastering?

What is the difference between Professional Mastering and Do It Yourself Mastering?

Can I use Recordings from a Home Studio?

How do I Book Studio Time at Patchwerk?

What are ISRC and UPC Codes and why are they Important?

What is the difference between the various Studios at Patchwerk?

Are Engineers included in the price?

How do I choose an Engineer?

Do the Engineers work in all Genres?

What is the difference between a 2-Track and a Multi-Track?

What File Formats are needed for a Mix?

Can I come to my Mix or Mastering Session?

Do I get a Backup of my Session?

What hours is the Studio open?

How much does it cost to Mix a song?

Does Patchwerk offer Digital Distribution?

Does Patchwerk offer Internships?

Can I Smoke in the Studio?

Can Patchwerk provide a Producer for me?

Will Patchwerk Promote and Market my music?

Any New Projects?

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